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200 consumers in Damba are disconnected by ECG due to nonpayment


Due to unpaid electricity payments, the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG) disconnected 200 consumers in Dambai, in the Krachi East Municipality.

As part of the Company’s one-month nationwide revenue mobilisation programme, which started on March 20, 2023, the disconnections were carried out.


The ECG is starting a nationwide operation to recover its debtors’ about 5.7 billion Cedis, with roughly GHC220 million in the Volta and Oti Regions.

The 200 clients who had their access to the national grid cut off owed GHC 780,000, according to Mr. Michael Buabin, the Volta Regional General Manager of ECG in interim charge.

He continued by saying that other consumers had their connections to the pole cut off because they self-reconnected.

“During the disconnection operation, we saw that certain customers regularly reconnect themselves after we disconnect from the metre, thus such consumers were removed from the pole and were requested to visit the District Office to settle their debts,” the statement continued.

According to Mr. Buabin, the more customers who used electricity, the more money ECG made. As a result, “we don’t take pleasure in disconnecting clients as we don’t get revenue from unserved power,” he added.

He claimed that disconnecting customers was the most secure way to lower their debt profile because certain customers in the Dambai District’s outlying areas owed GHC5,000 and above, which was concerning.

Since the exercise started, the ECG office in the Oti Regional Capital Dambai has travelled to places including Katanga, Tokoroano, Dormabin, Asukawkaw, and the Dambai Market to collect money.

Mr. Buabin claims that the Company collected more than GHC 700,000 in the Dambai enclave since the programme started, exceeding its goal for the first two weeks.

The Company has apprehended a customer who was involved in an unlawful connection in the Dambai District, according to Mr. Solomon Adjiku, the Acting Dambai District Manager. The individual has subsequently been turned over to the Police.

He urged users to avoid making unauthorised connections because doing so is unlawful and might result in an immediate jail sentence if convicted.

As the money the ECG receives from customers keeps the lights on, he stated, “The ECG is appealing to all customers to prioritise the payment of power bills as one of their top priority to enable the company to maintain the electricity supply chain running.”

By downloading the ECG PowerApp from the Google Play Store or the AppStore, or by dialling the USSD shortcode *226#, customers can pay their bills.


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